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Ralph Meaney is a name that many people are familiar with. Ralph began racing 356 Porsches in competition in the late 1950s and had great success. He soon established a reputation for

Porsches are being repaired and modified for racing in the Northeast. In the late 1960s, he opened a formal shop in Sherborn, Massachusetts called Meaney Inc.

Ralph’s racing legacy was cemented in 1970 at the Daytona 24-hour race, where he finished first in class and won best Porsche in a 1965 911. Ralph went on to race the first 914-6 cars in the United States. He finished eighth overall and second in class, outperforming a number of factory cars and drivers.

Ralph Meaney bought this 1974 Carrera as a new 911 41 years ago. Ralph, who is approaching 80 years old, has decided to part with his race car. I’m assisting Ralph with the sale, so the data I’m presenting is his.

In February 1974, Ralph purchased a Porsche 911 Carrera with the serial number 9114400096 from Porsche importer Berkshire.

Meaney Racing was in charge of preparing the car for competition. The car was stripped down to a bear shell body, reinforced with welds, and repainted in the original brown hue. For the TransAm-SCCA of the time, the engine, transmission, and suspension were updated to racing specifications. Originally raced as a twin plug 2.8, then as a 3.0 in later years.

The car was raced in Virginia, New England, and New Jersey on the east coast. When Meaney relocated his business from Sherborn, Massachusetts to Seattle. The car competed in the TransAm/SCCA endurance series in Washington and Oregon. –

Porsche 914/6
Ralph Meaney, Bill Bean, Gary Wright Porsche 914/6.


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Vintage footage of the 1970 6 Hours of Watkins Glen by Ralph Meaney from

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Hamilton: Ferrari “coordinated everybody out” in qualifying 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton accused Ferrari for the disordered end to qualifying at Monza in which pretty much every driver neglected to begin their last flying laps on schedule.

The Mercedes driver blamed Ferrari for easing back the field deliberately during the last out-lap in Q1 as they previously had Charles Leclerc on temporary shaft position.

“They fundamentally coordinated us out,” said Hamilton. “It’s intriguing: Get post position in the primary run and after that simply time everybody out.”

Hamilton said the circumstance emerged in light of the fact that each of the nine residual drivers toward the part of the arrangement the pits together attempting to get a slipstream from a vehicle ahead. “On the out-lap it’s perilous for every one of us,” he said. “There’s kin backing off and you don’t have the foggiest idea who is close by you. It’s very hazardous business out there, however sort of agreeable simultaneously.

“Obviously for us we’re down on the Ferraris in a straight line so we especially need it. I think others additionally do. I believe it’s with this new wing the drag is a lot greater this year so everybody’s concentrating on it.”

He said he was satisfied to have verified second place on the framework in the wake of being not able set a period on his last run. “I must be appreciative that we’re on the first push,” he said. “We get the chance to have a battle with the Ferraris tomorrow which is pleasant, we’ve part them. So as a group it’s a great position for us to be in.

“It unquestionably is a touch of a disappointment that we couldn’t all go out and do that last lap, that is one of the most energizing ones. Be that as it may, it’s insane now with the planning we have, the framework we have, where everybody backs up and attempted to get a position.”

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